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Phase 1 - Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know that your child should see an Orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old? By this age, an Orthodontist can examine the development of your child’s teeth and jaw and intervene before costly Orthodontic or tooth alignment conditions arise.

Learn more about Phase One Orthodontic Treatment and how it can improve your child’s smile for life. Schedule your free consultation today!

What is Phase 1 - Interceptive Orthodontics?

Phase 1 Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment, also known as early Orthodontic treatment or Phase 1 Orthodontics, is for children who may need additional smile guidance before their teen years. By age 7, your child’s teeth will have developed enough for us to see if they have bite malocclusions (misalignment) forming. If so, an Orthodontist will recommend that they receive early Orthodontic treatment.

an orthodontist high fiving a little girl who is sitting on the orthodontic chair

Phase One Orthodontic Treatment typically begins around 7-9 years old and can address many bite problems, such as:

When these bite malocclusions are addressed early, it can decrease the likelihood of painful dental conditions or costly procedures in the future.

What are the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

There are many advantages of Early Interceptive Orthodontics, including:

a little boy with a baby blue robe about to brush his teeth with a toothbrush

What are the Most Common Types of Phase 1 - Interceptive Orthodontics?

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment uses several methods to guide your child’s smile, including:

  • Palatal Expanders: These effectively widen the jaw to make room for developing adult teeth and decrease crowding as these teeth emerge.
  • Braces: Getting braces treatment earlier can correct problems before they become more developed malocclusions. This can reduce or eliminate the need for braces later on.
  • Tooth Removal: While we don’t always do this during early orthodontic treatment, removing impacted teeth or baby teeth can encourage permanent teeth to emerge properly without using an Orthodontic appliance.

Is Phase 1 Orthodontics Right for Your Child?

While early interceptive orthodontics can be helpful for children with more serious bite malocclusions, the majority of children do not need it! They may benefit from treatment in their teens or may not need it at all.

The only way to know whether your child needs early orthodontic treatment is to take them for a consultation. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with us.

a little boy holding a dental model with braces and invisalign clear aligners on the other hand

Start Your Child’s Early Orthodontic Treatment Plan Today

Your kiddo’s smile is precious, and we know that you want them to enjoy a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles. Early interceptive orthodontics can guide your child’s development and set them on a path toward lifelong dental health. Schedule an appointment with us to evaluate your child’s smile today!

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