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Teeth Whitening

At Imagine Orthodontic Studio, we understand that straightening your teeth may only be one part of your overall smile goal. After, or separate from, your orthodontic treatment, many patients are also interested in making their teeth sparkling white – and we love to help!

If you’re looking for the best teeth whitening treatment in Lakeland, Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater / Largo, schedule an appointment with us to see how we can help you achieve a stunning smile!

What Is Teeth Whitening – and How Does It Work?

Over time, your tooth enamel can become stained or discolored for a variety of reasons, including age, genetic predisposition, eating or drinking dark-colored items like coffee, and tobacco use. Teeth whitening is the term for any process that breaks down these stains and lightens your teeth’s natural color, although the cost and effectiveness can vary significantly between products.

Professional teeth whitening can be completed in an office setting or with take-home kits. Typically, the pros use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that can safely and effectively remove stains. Advanced LED lights are often used to speed up the chemical reaction that creates brighter, whiter teeth. In less than an hour, you can expect to see immediate and noticeable results.

While some over-the-counter options also use peroxide on your teeth, you should be wary of those that use abrasive agents to remove surface-level stains. They tend to be less effective overall and can actually harm your teeth with overuse. That’s why we recommend you always look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance on OTC products and talk to a professional before moving forward with any teeth whitening treatment.

Types Of Teeth Whitening Treatments

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed if you’ve done any research into the best teeth whitening solutions. From professional services to OTC and direct-to-consumer products, there’s a lot of information and options to sort through, including:

Fortunately, Imagine Orthodontic Studio has sorted through all of the buzz, hype, and noise to give our patients two affordable and effective options for teeth whitening: 

Zoom Whitening

For patients seeking the fastest and most effective in-office treatment, Zoom Whitening is the best option. In a single 45-minute session, this treatment can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades!

The procedure is simple: We apply a layer of whitening gel and arrange the Zoom LED light in place for 15 minutes. This process is repeated for a total of three cycles. Then we wrap things up by applying a paste to protect your enamel and reduce any sensitivity. 

While many professional whitening options can cost thousands of dollars, we provide Zoom Whitening at just $500. We believe this convenient, effective, and affordable approach is the best way to whiten teeth in a professional setting. 

Contact us today to learn more about Zoom Whitening.

Professional Take-home Teeth Whitening Kits

Get a dazzling smile on your own time with our professional take-home teeth whitening kits. These customized kits feature everything you need to boost the color of your teeth in the comfort of your home.

How does the Imagine Professional Whitening Kit work? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick up your whitening kit in our office (we suggest storing it in your refrigerator once you get home).
  2. When you’re ready, take out your teeth whitening placement trays and apply the whitening gel to the trays using the provided syringe. 
  3. Place the trays over your teeth, taking care to remove excess whitening gel around the edges with a q-tip. 
  4. Keep the tray on your teeth for no more than 15 minutes per session, to help reduce tooth and gum sensitivity.
  5. Rinse and reuse the trays for future applications.

The best part? This convenient take-home option only costs $123. Also, while scheduling an appointment will help ensure the smoothest experience possible, we’re happy to welcome walk-ins who would like to grab a take-home kit at all of our locations. 

Experience The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening


Effective, customized treatment

With professional teeth whitening, you’ll notice an immediate impact and receive the expert care and control needed to get the perfect shade of white for you. 

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Whether you opt for a lightning-quick appointment in our offices or prefer to use our take-home teeth whitening treatment, we have the right approach for your busy lifestyle.



When you look your best, you feel your best. Professional teeth whitening can help you sparkle inside and out!

Discover the best way to whiten teeth at Imagine Orthodontic Studio

If you’re dissatisfied with staining or discoloration on your teeth, a solution might be closer than you’d imagine. We’re ready to help patients in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and Lakeland achieve their smile goals – without breaking the bank or disrupting busy schedules.

Contact us today to see how professional teeth whitening treatment at Imagine Orthodontic Studio can help your smile stand out!

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